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Paul McCarthy

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CBT & Addiction

Research suggests that the “Gold Standard” in trying to give yourself the best opportunity to recover from any addiction is:

CBT & AddictionTherefore I, as the individual counsellor, am but one prong of a three-pronged approach in order to gain the maximum chance of recovery.  However I really want to stress that the other two components are not a prerequisite or requirement before you attend individual counselling.  I will support you in what choices you make.  I will provide you with information on what I deem an appropriate treatment centre, only at your request.  Also, I have built up a network of former clients attending Support Groups (Known as 12 Step Groups) and if you desire I will link you up with these individuals where possible.


My broad philosophy on all addictions is say for example Alcohol Addiction is not really about “a love of alcohol”, Gambling is not really about “a love of horses” but more about the positive mood shift that occurs when engaged in these activities. Once whatever potentially mood altering activity is associated with a positive rewarding experience we are likely to want to repeat it again and again. Broadly we engage in mood altering activities because it works, i.e. we feel better because our mood increases.  However when the consequences of our actions start to outweigh the benefits of our drug of choice then it is time to seek CBT Addiction Counselling. I believe in being professionally honest about my experience in dealing with all the various addictions.
So here goes:

  • Huge expertise in dealing with all aspects of anything to do with Alcohol.
  • Significant experience in dealing with Gambling and Sex Addiction.
  • Reasonable experience in Drug Addictions including addicted to prescription medications.
  • No experience in dealing with Anorexia or Bulimia.

From my own clinical experience the negative effects associated with alcohol consumption are originating at a much lower drinking levels than was previously contemplated, i.e. excessive alcohol intake is getting people into trouble well before individuals reach the alcoholism stage.  I believe that an individual does not necessarily have to reach their “rock bottom” before addressing their negative consequences of their relationship with alcohol.



CBT and Sexual Addiction

Sex addiction has recently received a lot of media attention particularly with the release of the film “Shame”.  Once referred to as the “athlete’s foot of the mind” Sexual addiction has many similarities with other addictions. However, the goal in treating sexual addiction is not abstinence when an individual is in a committed intimate relationship, but the development of healthy sexual practices and boundaries.  CBT is very common therapy in sexual addiction treatment. CBT teaches the sexual addict to access alternative ways of thinking and doing once they realise that their current thoughts, actions, and feelings are leading to addictive sexual behaviour.  Embracing a healthy way of thinking and behaving regarding sex becomes the cornerstone of relapse prevention.